1) How long does shipment usually take?

A) Shipping take between 2-3 weeks for the item to arrive(since time of Purchase) unless written otherwise on the item description.

2) I received one of the items i ordered(and i just love it) where is the rest of the items i ordered?

A) some times items are sent in separate packages and they won't arrive at the same time. Please allow 18-38 business days for item to arrive.

3) Do you ship to my address?

A) We ship to most of the world(for some places shipping time will be longer-your item will arrive don't worry(we have your back)

4) Help i can't finish checkout what is wrong?

A)If you have a problem with checkout please check your order(maybe you just have a lot of items on the same order) please divide your order into 2 or 3 it will work.

5) What do i received the item broken?

A) If something is wrong with the item please send us a picture and we will respond and deal with it as soon as possible.

6) What is your payment method?

A) Paypal is our only billing method, Paypal is the the safest paying method there is

your money is safe.

7) How can i support Muffypuffy

A) The answer is simple just be nice to people try to be kind smile a lot and every so often treat yourself or a good friend with a gift from our shop.



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