Dress like a BOSS Harry Potter style-full guide

Dress like a BOSS Harry Potter style-full guide

1.Wear an old black robe. Harry Potter doesn't wear this all the time in the films, but it's required for all Hogwarts students in the books.

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2.Hide long hair under a hat. A pointy black hat isn't necessary for Harry Potter, but it is easily recognized as a wizardly hat. The main use for a hat like this is to hide long hair, if you have it.

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3.Make a pair of "broken" glasses. Find a pair of round glasses with black frames at a used clothing store or drugstore. Put a piece of clear sellotape (scotch tape) over the middle of the glasses, like Harry does when his glasses break.

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4.Get your favorite house scarf.If you're lucky, you can find a scarf with red and gold stripes at a clothing store, or have someone knit it for you. Otherwise, you'll need to start with a plain red scarf. There are a couple ways you can add the golden or yellow stripes:

  • Wrap a yellow ribbon around the scarf in a spiral. Staple or sew it in place.
  • Cut yellow felt or construction paper into rectangles. Lay these out on the scarf. Staple or sew them on.
  • Paint the scarf with fabric paint.

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5.Draw the lightning bolt scar. Draw the famous lightning bolt running down your forehead. Use red lip liner, lipstick, or a nontoxic, washable marker.

  • The scar is sometimes shown and described as running down the middle of his forehead, or running down the right side.

6.Turn a stick into a wand. Find a strong stick from any tree, about 11 inches (28 cm) long. Decorate it however you like with paint, or make spiral patterns with puffy paint or a hot glue gun. Harry Potter's wand looks pretty simple in the films, but your version doesn't have to be.

  • You can use a thick wooden dowel from a hardware shop instead.
  • For a quick and easy wand, tape together a few pencils, twigs, or chopsticks. Tape brown or black construction paper over them.

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7.Carry a stuffed white owl. Carry around your own Hedwig perched on your arm or shoulder. (Tie her on with a bit of string if you need to.)
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8.Get a broom. Harry the Quidditch player has to have a broom to fly around on. Choose a wooden one with real bristles for the best look.

  • To complete the look, carry the Golden Snitch as well. Paint a table tennis ball gold and glue on wings from yellow construction paper.
  • Try convincing your friends to play Quidditch with you.

Try to enjoy yourself watch an Harry Potter marathon or just have a theme party.

Just don't forget-"Anything's possible if you've got enough nerve." J. K. Rowling