10 amazing things about the new Harry Potter World Movie Fantastic Beasts

10 amazing things about the new Harry Potter World Movie Fantastic Beasts

Newt MACUSA Fantastic Beasts trailer hero shot

1. Newt was expelled!


Newt Scamander Fantastic Beasts teaser trailer pic 2


So Newt Scamander was expelled from Hogwarts for ‘endangering human life with a beast’. Oh boy. And that’s years before Hagrid. But  Albus Dumbledore argued strongly against his expulsion.

Dumbledore would be in his 40s when the movie takes place. Not the Headmaster yet, but a mere Transfiguration teacher. So, even though the story takes place in the Twenties, Dumbledore is already making waves at Hogwarts as a younger man.

2. Newt’s first visit to America


Newt looking at New York


Newt goes to America, Newt arrives in America on a big  boat. Can’t he just use magic? Perhaps it’s too far, or there are certain Apparition laws for where Newt needs to go – rather like the not-within-Hogwarts-grounds rule? 

3. That suitcase may not be entirely reliable


Newt suitcase Muggle Worthy Fantastic Beasts teaser trailer pic 4


Ah, that pesky, wonky suitcase that Newt has been ‘meaning to get fixed’ which will definitely not spell any trouble for Newt during the course of the film, we imagine.We also learn that Newt’s suitcase has a ‘Muggle Worthy’ setting, which must be handy as animals are not exactly well known for being quiet on command.


Newt's case and Hufflepuff scarf


The innards of his case give the appearance of your average, bumbling British traveller: pyjamas, magnifying glass, maps, handkerchief. However, there is also a yellow and black scarf, which can only mean one thing. Newt is keeping the Hufflepuff dream alive!

4. Planting evidence?


Newt plants Fantastic Beasts teaser trailer pic 6


Speaking of Hufflepuff dreams, one shot shows Newt seemingly extracting something in a room full of plants. So Professor Sprout wasn’t the only Hufflepuff who had green fingers.

5. There’s something going on at MACUSA


MACUSA lobby Aurors Seraphina Fantastic Beasts teaser trailer pic 8


Here we have another glimpse of the US Ministry of Magic, MACUSA, with a glorious moving portrait of President Seraphina oozing with fierceness in the corner. We can also see what appears to be a gaggle of Aurors running dramatically towards (or away?) from something. It doesn’t look like a relaxed Friday afternoon at the office, that’s for sure.

They all share Graves’s signature look, so at least wherever he goes he’ll have backing dancers.


Newt Tina MACUSA stairs Fantastic Beasts teaser trailer pic 9


Later on, we spot Newt and Tina, looking concerned, hanging around MACUSA too. Why so serious? There’s also something funny about that clock in the corner, the one with one hand that doesn’t seem to point to any numbers. That isn’t a very helpful clock to have in the middle of New York. You’d definitely miss an appointment. What do you guys think, maybe it’s not meant to tell the time?

6. American wizard newspapers are a real sign of the times


The New York wizard newspaper Fantastic Beasts teaser trailer pic 10


Please excuse us while we read every word of this one second shot of a wizard newspaper, for a moment. This would probably be the US equivalent of the UK’s Daily ProphetThe New York G-something, we can’t quite read the end.

Among several headlines, the top story appears to be ‘International Wizard Hunt Intensifies’ as well as a shifty looking fellow called Alberto Macellarus, who is wanted for 3,500 Dragots. This really helps us understand the divide between wizard-kind that defined American history. We also are seeing a lot of fears about ‘Wizarding Exposure’ and ‘Magical Exposure’. We learned in ‘History of Magic in North America’ that American wizards were a lot more isolated from non-magical folk than the European ones were – and it seemed that isolation really dominated their news and culture.

7. A candidate promising a ‘SHAW’ future for America.


Shaw rally Fantastic Beasts teaser trailer pic 11


Oh look, another American election. But unlike our current 2016 one, it seems a man called ‘SHAW’ was the hot candidate of the time – but what is he running for? With a poster assuredly emblazoned with ‘America’s Future’ (we wonder what that’s like!) it isn’t long before Shaw’s campaign is seen overthrown by some kind of disarray. Chairs are knocked over! It’s chaos! But why?


Shaw rally destruction Fantastic Beasts teaser trailer pic 12


8. Apparate Good Times


Newt Apparate Fantastic Beasts teaser trailer pic 15


Ah, so Newt can Apparate. And he has some very slick Apparating moves too. You wouldn’t want to splinch yourself mid-air like that. Remember the three D’s, Newt: Destination, Determination and Deliberation.

9. Take it to the Graves


Graves casts spell Fantastic Beasts teaser trailer pic 16


Colin Farrell’s Percival Graves is seen casting quite a dramatic spell. We’re going to put money on it right now: that ain’t no Wingardium Leviosa.

10. We like the look of this little guy


Niffler purse Fantastic Beasts teaser trailer pic 17


Who is this little, large snouted fellow clutching onto a purse?. Whatever he is, we would definitely like to borrow one to help us find loose change at the bottom of our sofa. Although, come to think of it, this creature does seem to remind us of something…


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